• About Your Mine Hosts

  • In 1991 we (Wanda and Larry Smith) started working in the hospitality industry running taverns, bottle stores and restaurants.

    We are totally in love with Marlborough. So during our over 25 years here we offered our service and expertise in Blenheim and Renwick. Our knowledge of the region is immense.

    Our previous venture was Woodbourne Tavern which we ran for 10 years.

    When Cork & Keg came on the market it appealed to our latest desire to have a small, boutique tavern. We always had a dream to build and run a small motel.

    Purchasing Cork & Keg gave us the opportunity to do just that.

    We have designed and built brand new motel that consist of three delightful and comfortable rooms. Above the tavern there is also a holiday apartment that offers a cosy living for an entire family while touring Marlborough.

    We wanted to accomplish something that was close to our hearts:

  • ...to provide an atmosphere for a relaxed time out for a husband and wife, a family with kids, older couples and friends.

    The relaxing soft background music helps everyone unwind in a friendly and cosy environment. The garden bar provides a stunning spot among white roses to sip some of the locally produced wines and enjoy a gorgeous meal.

    If a barbeque is what the heart desires – great! We can prepare it for you or you may make it yourself and entertain your family and friends.

    This is also a great venue for a birthday party, wedding or any other function. Feel free to contact us to make arrangements.

    On cold winter days the big open fire inside the tavern is crackling in the background. Those who want to enjoy the winter days and evening outside, will still be kept warm by the big outdoors fireplace.

    The big screen TVs offer the opportunity to watch the great sport events away from home and share them with friends and family.