• Freshly Baked Pizzas

  • Authentic wood-fired pizza bases.

  • Hawaiian $20

    Leg ham, fresh pineapple and our passata sauce topped with mozzarella cheese.

  • Vegetarino $23

    Spinach, capsicum, red onion, mushrooms topped with  feta cheese and sweet chilli swirl.

  • Fat Tony $24

    Pepperoni, chorizo, olives, mushroom and tomato topped with mozzarella cheese.

  • Little Red Hen $24

    Chicken, bacon, red onion and brie with our passata sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and plum sauce.

  • Missy's Maple & Bacon $25

    Cream cheese, red onion, spinach topped with bacon cooked in maple syrup.

  • Alantico $26

    Smoked Salmon, red onion, cream cheese, capers topped with Aiolo drizzle and fresh dill.

  • Cork Buster $26

    Pepperoni, ham, bacon, chicken, mushroom, and red onion with our passata sauce, topped with triple cheese and BBQ sauce.

  • Extra Options


    Bacon | Brie | Chicken | Ham | Mushrooms | Pineapple | Tomato